Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Birthday Countdown - 3 Days

It is now three days till my birthday if you count today, tomorrow, and my birthday.  Which I do.  Today's list will be of three websites I frequently enjoy:

icanhascheezburger.com - because cats with captions are one of my favorite things.  Also dogs, sci-fi pictures, and uncaptioned pictures of cute animals.

xkcd.com - because cats with captions are one of the artist's favorite things.  Also, this.  And always remember to read the hover.  A note of warning: xkcd can be a sketchy comic.  Read at your own peril.  (I am always ready to skip a comic...)

twistedsifter.com - pictures of cool things.  Lots of nerdy stuff.  The shirk report!

There you are.  Three websites that probably should be visited every day.  Or several times a day.


  1. Finally, some things I can whole-heartedly agree with!

  2. Cats with captions? Uncaptioned pictures of cute animals? Seriously?

  3. Cynth, I am dead serious!